Welcome Students

Step by Step Guide to the Clinical Placement Process


After receiving verification that your application for a clinical placement has been accepted by a healthcare facility, you need to complete the following requirements before your clinical begins.


Step 1: FVHCA Health Requirements and Background Checks must be completed

Step 2: Complete Orientation Requirements
  1. Complete Modules 1 and 2, which are accessed by clicking on the links below:

  2. Complete Facility Specific Orientation for the organization providing your clinical placement:
    (If you are utilizing an organization not listed below, jump to Step #3.)

    Ministry Health Care / Affinity

    Agnesian Healthcare

    Aurora Health Care Oshkosh and Clinics


    Community Health Network locations

  3. Evergreen Retirement Community - Contact: Darlene Johnson (920) 237-2134

Step 3: Complete and Submit Forms to your Instructor/School Coordinator

You need to print off and sign three forms (A, B, & C) in order to complete all requirements. Your signature indicates acceptance of responsibility and accountability for the information presented. Turn in all forms to your Instructor or school coordinator:

A Healthcare Facility Specific Orientation must also be completed.** If you are attending clinical placement at an organization not listed in Step #2, you still need to complete all forms (A, B, & C) and turn them into your school coordinator/instructor. (Note: Most often, Form C is completed on the first day of orientation at your clinical placement site).

If you have any questions about these requirements or forms, see your school coordinator/instructor.

Final Reminders
  • Wear your student badge and dress accordingly.
  • While working in the health care facilities please adhere to dress codes and always wear a badge that identifies you.
  • Some facilities may assign a badge to you. Please return it at the end of your clinical, or you may be charged a replacement fee and/or your school records held.
  • Remember to keep patients at the center of your experience and practice safely.
  • Ask questions if you are not familiar with something.
  • Seek out experiences as they come available and have a great learning experience!