High School Career Experience Event

Exploring Opportunities in HealthCare

An updated listing of Career Experiences for Fall 2016 is now available.

Welcome High School Students

What is a High School Career Experience Event?

A three hour, interactive event for high school students in the FVHCA service area to learn about various healthcare careers. Students will rotate in small groups through three different career areas and are provided a packet of information at the end. Students are also given a completion certificate if they need attendance verification for classroom credit.

When are Career Experience Events Offered?

All career experience events are offered during the school year.  The FVHCA offers career experiences in the fall semester and in the spring semester.  The FVHCA does not offer career experiences during the summer.

I just want to do a job shadow instead. Can I?

No. Not yet anyway. Because the number of requests for job shadows was immense, the FVHCA moved to the current model in the fall of 2010. If a student attends one of these events and still wishes to do an individual job shadow, it is up to the respective facility to grant an individual job shadow. However, attending one of the events first is a prerequisite.

My mom/dad/relative/neighbor/friend works at an area medical provider/educational institution and they know someone who said I can just job shadow them. Is that ok?

Sorry, no. See answer above.(Certain forms/paperwork needs to be done, and procedures must be followed so we appreciate your cooperation with this!)

I’ve looked at the event schedule and each session includes three career areas but I’m only interested in one of them. Can I just attend one part?

Many students have never even thought about a career in some of the areas included, and the point is to expose you to new things Also, each session has a welcome presentation and a wrap-up at the end where questions are answered. Attendance is taken at the beginning and end, so if you leave early, you won’t receive credit.

What is expected of a student attending a Career Experience Event?

  • Students must understand that they will not have access to patient care areas
  • Students may be required to stand for periods of time
  • Students will need to come prepared to ask questions of professionals that are presenting
  • Students may need to volunteer to participate in hands on activities
  • Students will need to be respectful to all health care professionals involved in the Career Experience event.

How do I register?

Step 1: Identify the session you would like to attend.
Current Career Experience Schedule
Step 2: Read and fill out information/release form and print it out.
Click here for the Information/release form. If this form is not sent to the site before the event date, or brought on the day of, you will not be able to participate.
Step 3: Click on the registration link to sign up.
Click here for the registration link  (be sure to fill it out completely)
Step 4: Send the information/release form to the contact person of the organization offering your session.
  • Forms must be received BEFORE your session start date (preferred) or brought the day of.
  • If student is under age 18, parent/guardian MUST sign form.
  • If there is no form on file/brought to session, student won’t be able to stay.
  • Forms can be scanned, emailed or faxed (if a fax number is provided.)
  • Please address all faxes:  Attention (then add facility representative's full name)

Facility/ Organization





Appleton Campus

Monica Erdman

P: ( 



St. Elizabeth Hospital
1506 S. Oneida St.
Appleton, 54915

Chilton Campus

Jenny Konen

P: (920) 849-7540



Calumet Medical Center
614 Memorial Drive
Chilton, 53014


Office Support Center

P: (920) 926-4304

F: (920) 926-4306


430 E. Division St.
Fond du Lac, 54936


Khaofeng Lo

P: (920) 456-7238

F: (920) 303-3276


855 N. Westhaven Dr.
Oshkosh, 54904

Fox Valley Technical College (FVTC)

Cindy Fietzer

P: (920) 831-4346

F: (920) 831-4314


1825 N. Bluemound Dr.
Appleton, 54912

Marian University

Teri Durkin

P: (920) 923-8526

F: (920) 923-8770


455 National Ave.
Fond du Lac, 54936

Moraine Park Technical College (MPTC)

Katie Vandeslunt

P: (920) 924-3347

F: (920) 924-3168


235 N. National Ave.
Fond du Lac, 54936


Jen Meyer

P: (920) 205-7025


Thedacare Corporate Office
122 E. College Ave.
Appleton, 54912

Orthopedic & Sport Institute

Sarah Bleier

F: (920) 560-1112


2105 E. Enterprise Dr.
Suite 101

Appleton, 54913

Step 5: Final Reminders
Questions or Concerns?
Contact Brenda Birringer at Northeast Wisconsin Area Health Education Center (NEW AHEC) at (920) 652-0238 or brendab@newahec.org.